Can we broadcast whatever we like on free platforms like Facebook and YouTube?

No. Facebook, YouTube and other free platforms have software that runs in the background that will block or instantly remove your broadcast if you play some published music and video. There is no way of us predicting this process but staying clear of anything published will mean you are safe.

Can I share my event in public?

If your content is completely public, anyone who has the link can access it freely. The viewer will NOT have to download anything or install software on their computer, just enter from any browser and that's it. We can even broadcast the event at the same time on Facebook Live, Youtube Live, among others, and achieve Maximum diffusion. (These features will be available very soon)

Can I hire additional simultaneous viewers for my events?

Can I hire additional simultaneous viewers for my events?

Can I hire additional simultaneous viewers for my events?

NO. WeStream works with any streaming platform Like Facebook, Youtube or private webs..

Can I use WeStream for free?

NO! We are a private company! We have the best and right prices for everyone. Also we can give you a payments options. Contact our sales team and request your free account.

What type of content can I transmit through WeStream?

WeStream is created mainly to transmit events such as weddings, sweet sixteens, private funerals, memorials, trainings, courses, assemblies, launches, management reports, conferences, forums, seminars, meetings, debates, and diplomas, but you can hire us for transmit any kind of live content as long as they do not hurt in some way. to other people, who are racist, with sexual content or any illegal or prohibited content in EE.UU and allied nations.

What is the maximum duration of an event?

You can hire us for broadcast events with a maximum duration of up to 8 consecutive hours. If you need to broadcast an event with a longer duration, we recommend dividing it into sessions and having little break for your guest.

Once my event ends, is the recording published?

Yes and NOT! Its Depends how you want to keep the Live Streaming of your event. But Don't worries we have the video in our server.

Do Your Guests Have To Pay For Anything?

No! It’s completely free for them. They also do not need to log in, sign up, or download an app to their phones. They just click the URL that we provide , and they’re in!

Can you deliver virtual and hybrid events inline with Covid guidelines?

Yes. We have delivered many.

This is all new to us and we are going to need help, can you guide us through?

Yes. Many of our new clients have never professionally live streamed before. We guide them through the process and can provide as much hand holding as is required. Just let us know your skill level when enquiring.

Is live streaming expensive?

Live streaming your conference/event is a lot less expensive than it was 6 years ago and is a lot more affordable than most people think. It can even be delivered with just one camera.

How can we use live broadcasting to help promote our company?

There are many ways that live streaming an event has delivered benefits to companies. ​ • It will help you engage those that have come to the event in the past but, could not come this time. • You will reach a new audience of people who have never come to your event. These people will may well then become future physical attendees. • You can reach an international audience that cannot come to your event due to expense or who are just not familiar with your company. • You can provide the ability for your exhibitors to host your stream and deliver greater value to them allowing them to share your content with their employees, customers or prospects.

How can we use live broadcasting to help promote our company?

Not in our experience. Quite the opposite actually happens. Clients have reported that they have seen an increase in physical attendance after implementing live streaming of their event. We can’t make any promises of this though… By adding an online presence with a live stream, you are offering a more robust experience that allows the at home/office viewers to also take part in your event.

What live stream platform should we use?

Read our article on this Here.

Do virtual viewers then turn into physical attendees?

They can, and do! Leveraging your event as a networking opportunity as well as an educational one is in our opinion, a huge factor in virtual to physical attendance conversion. Statistics show that 40% of virtual attendees have converted to physical attendees the following year. In addition, live streaming can be a huge attendee retention opportunity, as individuals that are usually physical attendees can become virtual attendees and still feel like they are part of the event.