Stream your Music event with us!

Whether you’re putting on a concert, taking requests for tips, or teaching piano lessons, live video is an ideal outlet for — and accompaniment to — your music. Switcher Studio lets you stream live video of your musical performances to Facebook, YouTube, your own website, or almost anywhere else.

All the detail

Industry-leading high definition, all-day live stream.

Everyone welcome

Unlimited viewers and views during and after the live stream. No unexpected extra charges.

As private as you like

Choose who you share the service stream link with. No ads, no login. A simple website link that streams everywhere.


Most recipes taste better the next day — and videos are too. If you don’t want to livestream, we can also lets you record multicam video and upload it later!

Yours forever

Receive a complete, downloadable recording of the video stream.

More attendees

Invite as many you want even in your social media platforms. Its free

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Additional cameras (up to 8) and additional videographers are available.

We will be happy to create your ideal live streaming package. Provide us with details of your event and we’ll get you a proposal shortly, or schedule a follow up call if we require more information.

With all the questions and inquiries please contact:

t: 347-964-2771                    email:

Streaming its important for your community:

You’ve already got the music skills, and that’s the hard part. Switcher Studio makes the video production part easy. Switcher lets you connect up to 9 iPhones and iPads for multicamera streaming. Set up multiple cameras in a space to capture every musician — or to get up close on your fingers as you straight-up shred.

Call for help:

WeStream lets you stream to almost any platform out there, making it easy to reach all your loyal fans — whether that’s groupies, students, or grandparents who can’t make it to the recital. You can also collaborate with other musicians by inviting remote guests, perfect for lining up opening acts. Plus, you can monetize your streams by including sponsor logos and donation overlays or by gating your content.

We’re glad to discuss your organisation’s situation. So please contact us via the details below, or enter your request.